So, I'm just a mom with a passion for healthy living...

My name is Layla Beth Munk and I am a wife, a childbirth educator, and the proud mother of a teenage son, a pre-school daughter, and a teenage step-daughter.    

The idea for After School Snack Party was born after watching one too many TV shows of sickly, obese children.  I couldn't help but think of my own children and the fact that they had eaten their share of the same toxic foods as the children who were suffering on screen.  It saddened me to know that I could have encouraged my children to make better choices, but out of the sake of convenience, I didn't.  I vowed to never go down that path again.    

Nutrition plays a huge role in my household.  My husband nearly died of liver failure in 2010, but was able to reverse his terminal situation and survive against all odds.  With the expert guidance of an Integrative Medicine MD, my husband purged toxins, strengthened immunity, and today he is as vibrant and healthy as ever before.  This feat was accomplished through the consumption of organic whole foods.  Since that time we have eliminated fast food altogether and have made the switch to an almost entirely raw and vegetarian diet.   

While I am currently pursuing education in several health-related subjects, I am not a doctor or nutritionist.  This website is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or health issue.  It is not intended to endorse any person or corporation.  It is intended to inspire the concept of making healthy foods readily available to our children.