Welcome to the party!  Everyone's invited, so let's get started!

Healthy + Fun = The Official After School Snack Party.  Yes, it's a party!  A party that celebrates the good health of school-aged children everywhere.  A party in honor of the knowledge that attendees will take with them, after the festivities are over.  A party just because!  

It's EASY and FUN!  You can start TODAY!  

Want to host an After School Snack Party?  Here's how it works:  

1.  Don't be scared of the word "party."  
The idea of the After School Snack Party is to make healthy after school snack choices available to the children in your household or neighborhood.  It is not intended to be a source of stress or cost a lot of money.  I use the word "party" as a reminder that events should be fun.  Who doesn't love a good party?

2.  Commit to hosting a party.  
It would be amazing to offer one or more parties per week, for all the children in your life, but come on!  This is the real world and some things just aren't realistic.   After School Snack Parties can happen as often as your schedule permits.  There is no limit nor any minimum.   Simply decide to do it and then proceed.  This is a very simple concept.  

3.  Start small!  
Start things off by committing to ONLY healthy snacks in your house, and begin with your own family.  Set aside *thirty minutes or so each day to offer some healthy foods to your children as they arrive home from school or other activities.  Choose from the After School Snack Party menu and take a few moments to explain to your kids why you selected the specific foods.  Ask them if they'd like to invite some friends over for the next party and spread the word!  Tell co-workers, friends and family about After School Snack Parties and ask them to join in the crusade to provide nutritious, healing foods to the children in their lives.  It is easy and totally worth it!   

*An idea for parents who can offer more than thirty minutes:  Have children help prepare the foods.  This is a wonderful learning experience for both the hosts and attendees.

4.  Select foods from the After School Snack Party menu.
The Party Menu is not so much an actual menu as it is a set of guidelines as to what foods should and should not be offered.  Unfortunately, healthy eating is not always the most convenient thing for families in today's society.  Unhealthy fast food is all too often the only choice for many kids.  The guidelines were established to offer an alternative to junk food, so please - try to stay within the guidelines!  

5.  The After School Snack Party is an unofficial event.  
This is not a formal organization, nor is it a business.  It is a simple a concept for encouraging healthy eating habits in our children.  Parents, make the party your own.  If you want to offer a story or a craft, then go for it.  If you want to designate the party as a time for study and help the attendees with their homework, then do it.  How about a healthy cooking lesson?  You get the idea!  The only requirement is a dedication to healthful choices for the kids in your life.  Once you make the switch to nutritious, organic, earth-conscious foods, the way that you view foods and meal preparation will change for the better.  Everybody wins!  And to think...it all started with a simple party!       

That's all there is to it!  This is simply a FUN way to incorporate healthy eating habits into the lives of our kids.  Host a party today! Your children are worth it.