How to plan YOUR party menu...

"The Guidelines"

Since the whole idea behind the After School Snack Party is to encourage healthy eating habits in our kids, certain foods should be avoided:

• Fast food - If it's fried it's trouble, if it's green order double
• Junk food - From a convenience store?  Not a good choice
• Processed foods - It came from the same grocery aisle as aluminum foil?  Hmm...
• Chemically engineered sweeteners - Nature always offers a better alternative

If it came from a chain restaurant or a convenience store, it is always a no-no.  Microwaved items are also a poor choice, as is any food product with an ingredient which you or your child cannot pronounce.  

• Organic foods  
• Non-GMO (genetically modified) foods
• Whole foods such a fruits, vegetables and nuts
                                                                                         • Sweeteners such as honey, agave nectar, and stevia
                                                                                         • Vegan, raw, and gluten-free foods are encouraged, as are fresh organic juices  

                                                                                           See Resources for more info and helpful links!